Mindvalley Review 2024: My Experience After 30 Days Is It Worth It?

Mindvalley Review

Mindvalley is the best educational platform focused on self-development. The quality of the courses is superb, all of them are taught by experts. The price for the Mindvalley Membership is $499 per year. Mindvalley is worth it as the skills you learn help improve all areas of your life. 

I took around 20 quests on Mindvalley and I think that it is one of the best learning platforms. My learning experience was excellent and all my expectations were met. In a few months, I went through a life-changing shift in many areas of my life. The speed learning approach is effective and community support was helpful.

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Mindvalley Pros and Cons


  • The platform hosts superstar instructors such as Ken Wilber, Robin Sharma, and Neal Donald Walsch as well as more than 200 other authors, speakers, and activists.

  • All courses are divided into bite-sized video lessons. You learn a lot in just 10-20 minutes per day. And unlike many online courses, the content of Mindvalley's quests is straight to the point.

  • The videos are engaging and made by talented filmmakers and learning experts

  • The library includes courses on valuable topics that can actually be applied in your life.

  • You can share your Mindvalley account with members of your household.

  • New quests are constantly being added at no cost to existing members.  Right now, there are a few upcoming quests I'm really excited about.

  • If you are willing to pay the price, there are fun, luxurious networking events.

  • There are free courses available on the website.


  • The first is the price. On one hand, I wish it was less expensive, but on the other, I understand, that high quality comes with a price tag.

  • The cost of individual courses is almost as much as the cost of the Mindvalley Membership (the company recently stopped selling individual courses)

  • At times, I wish there were more courses available. However, the platform is constantly growing. In 2023, there are already over 100 Quests and several upcoming ones.

  • Some videos are too short. However, the content is always consistent, engaging, and high-quality.

  • Several premium quests, like Lifebook Online, are not included in the Mindvalley Membership.

  • At the moment, there is no offline listening. Mindvalley is currently working to fix this.

I have a confession to make: I'm a personal growth addict. It all started when I was in my teens and I was gifted a self-improvement book. I know that sounds crazy but that book changed my life. I realized that I wasn't living in alignment with my calling, and so a couple of years later, at the mere age of nineteen, I packed my bags and moved across the globe in pursuit of a dream, of something I knew I could achieve.

It's been over fifteen years since then, and a lot has changed in my life. One thing hasn't changed, though: even after all this time, and even though I achieved so many of my goals (and maybe because of that) I'm still constantly looking for ways to grow personally and professionally.

I've read more books and took more courses on personal development than I can count. Some of them were great, but most were a waste of time and money. At times, it was frustrating. I just wanted to have a place where I could learn everything I needed to grow in different areas of my life, and not spend too much of my time doing it. I also didn't want to spend thousands of dollars on it. I was ready to give up but then something really cool happened: I received an email from a personal transformation e-learning platform called Mindvalley that ticked all my boxes. Full of great courses taught by top experts in the field? Check. Affordable? Check. Doesn't take up much time? Check. Mindvalley Review Is it Worth It imho Reviews

I initially wrote this review after 30 days of using Mindvalley. However, now that it's been almost 3 years, it's time for an update (spoiler alert: yes, I still take Mindvalley courses all the time). From this review, you will learn what Mindvalley is, how it works, what classes Mindvalley offers, how much a subscription costs, and whether or not Mindvalley is worth it. I will also share my own experience with the platform.

What Is Mindvalley?

Mindvalley is a good, reputable online learning platform that focuses on helping people achieve success and improve their lives through training body, mind, and spirit. Mindvalley Membership offers unlimited access to all courses in its catalog taught by world-class experts for $499 per year.

Explore Mindvalley Library Of Courses And Get The Beat Deal On Annual Membership

Mindvalley Library of Courses Review

Mindvalley is an online personal growth platform that strives to teach its students how to live extraordinarily fulfilling and joyful lives by helping them identify the things that matter most in life. Mindvalley was founded almost two decades ago, in 2002. Its headquarters is located in New York.

The platform has over 12 million students in 80 different countries. New York Times best-selling author Vishen Lakhiani started Mindvalley to support individual spiritual development and lifelong learning. He began his career as a computer engineer and a senior leader at a Silicon Valley startup, but meditation changed his life, and he decided to study it and teach around the world instead. Vishen is passionate about remodeling the way the world thinks of business, education, politics, and spirituality.

The Mindvalley curriculum is centered around unlocking the full potential of your body, mind, and spirit, finding success at work, connecting with the people and communities, and sharing your individual talents with the world. Mindvalley aims to be more of a way of life than a company, and its authenticity has led to world-class teachers joining the platform.

Mindvalley offers courses on topics such as quantum jumping, which helps people dive more deeply into what they are feeling and thinking in order to overcome trauma. On the Mindvalley YouTube, there are hundreds of Mindvalley Talks, which are videos that range from two minutes to more than an hour and explain topics similar to the format of TED talks.

How Does Mindvalley Work?

You can start by signing up for one of Mindvalley's free masterclasses to get to know the platform. Masterclasses share valuable knowledge and give you a taste of what each quest is all about. Once you know that Mindvalley is a good fit for you, the next step is to choose a membership plan. Mindvalley used to sell individual courses, but this option is no longer active. Right now, you can choose between Mindvalley monthly or yearly subscription.

Mindvalley Library of Courses

There are over 100 courses Mindvalley programs on a wide array of topics, such as unlimited abundance, longevity, goal setting, hypnosis, meditation, energy healing, being extraordinary, healing from heartbreak, living to be 180, bending reality, conscious parenting, weight loss, and developing a super memory.  The courses are divided into several categories: Mind, Body, Soul, Career, Entrepreneurship, Relationships, Kids, Teens and Parenting, and Performance. According to the company, people are five times more likely to complete a course on Mindvalley than on other educational platforms due to scientifically-backed tools such as community motivation and daily micro-learnings that condense complicated topics into easy-to-understand portions. Their learning approach is based on neuroscience, peak performance, and speed learning techniques.

Read About 10 Best Mindvalley Courses And Quests To Take

Mindvalley teachers are superstars in their fields of expertise - New York Times Best-selling authors, CEOs of major companies, famous therapists and entrepreneurs, international speakers, spiritual teachers, and celebrity coaches. All those successful people share their knowledge on Mindvalley and you can learn from them. How exciting is that?

Mindvalley’s highest-rated Masterclass of 2019 was a parenting course titled How to Be Less Reactive So You Can Raise Confident, Authentic Children, which was taught by best-selling author Dr. Shefali. The course helps parents tackle their fear and stop projecting unmet needs onto their children. The class also helps parents identify the three vital needs of every child in order to master a five-minute exercise to resolve disruptive behavior.

One of Mindvalley’s many renowned instructors is Deborah King, a leading authority on energy medicine, spiritual leader, meditation teacher, and New York Times best-selling author.

Types of Mindvalley Classes

What is a Mindvalley Quest?

Mindvalley's Quests - or courses - are broken into bite-sized pieces. Each day you are asked to complete one video-based lesson and one practice task which takes around 20 minutes. Most courses last 30 to 50 days. What I love about MindValley is that it teaches things that really matter in life. Mindvalley is not about academic knowledge, but rather about transformative learning. Most courses include meditation practices to push you past your limits and help achieve even better results.

All programs on the platforms are included in the Mindvalley Membership with the exception of WildFit, Lifebook Online, Evercoach, and Soulvana.

MIndvalley quest review

Mindvalley Quests use daily microlearning to help users complete personal growth programs. Quests boast a 333% better completion rate than regular online courses. All courses can be accessed on all of your devices, including smartphones, laptops, and desktops. The videos are created by filmmakers and learning experts in order to provide the best possible experience for students and make learning as addictive and enjoyable as playing computer games. Best of all, it only takes 20 minutes per day.

What is a Mindvalley Mentoring?

Mindvalley Mentoring (formerly Tribe Membership) is also an available option for those who would like to take their self-discovery to the next level with more than 100 hours of training on ideas that are curated by Vishen Lakhiani and passed on by more than 80 renowned Mindvalley instructors. Mentoring is essentially an inner circle of students focusing on personal growth who are, in a way, coached personally by Vishen Lakhiani. Mindvalley Mentoring members get access to training videos, workshops, films, and interviews, and they can connect with each other through online meetups. Mindvalley Mentoring is included in Mindvalley Membership.

What Is Mindvalley University?

Mindvalley Unversity is a one-to-three-weeklong event that is only available for Mindvalley subscribers and Global Campus members. It takes place in a different city every year, providing workshops and seminars for hundreds of people. In the past, it has been located in Tallinn, Estonia; Barcelona, Spain; and Pula, Croatia.

Are Mindvalley Courses Worth It?

Like every online learning platform, there are downsides, but overall, Mindvalley courses are truly effective and make a difference in peoples’ life. Classes might be shorter than some people are used to, but they include the most crucial parts, which is what makes them actually work. I took a lot of online courses in the past, but the quality of Mindvalley's quests is like nothing I have ever experienced before.

My Experience With Mindvalley Membership

At first, I was a bit skeptical about Mindvalley's Quest method. When it comes to online learning, I'm more used to the quantity-over-quality approach, meaning that I tend to study hard. However, I was curious to try something new, and I decided to join Mindvalley.

Initially, my goal was simply to become more productive. I've been working from home for many years. But now that I have a toddler, I've been having a hard time focusing on my work. However, after watching Vishen Lakhiani’s Masterclass called "The Three Keys to Transformation", I realized that I wanted not only to work on my productivity and time management skills but to improve all areas of my life that were lacking balance.

It's been several months since I joined the platform and I can tell that Mindvalley's "do less, accomplish more" method works for me. At the moment, I'm taking several courses, and it usually takes me about an hour a day to complete all quests. I don't want to throw around the word “life-changing", but seriously guys, Mindvalley is awesome.

What changed in my life after using Mindvalley for 30 days?

  • I managed not only to build new habits but to actually make them stick. I'm waking up at 5.30 am every morning now and have plenty of time to work out and enjoy some quiet time before my son wakes up.

  • Speaking of working out - I've never felt more energized, strong, and confident with my body than I do now. The workout takes just 10-15 minutes, and I get better results than after an hour-long workout at the gym. Regular exercise also helps me stay focused and maintain a positive attitude throughout the day.

  • I'm more productive than I used to be. In the past month, I finished several projects I've been working on for a while. I'm outsourcing more, which helps me get more things done and grow my business faster.

  • I stopped keeping myself busy just for the sake of being busy, and now focus on important things. I find myself more self-aware and relaxed.

  • I'm learning a lot about conscious parenting which helps me become a better father to my sons. They are 6 and 1, and as I already learned, no age is easy to parent. However, I feel that it's easier for me to stay calm during their tantrums now, and I handle most situations better than before. And the best part is that it strengthens our relationship.

  • The Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance made me realize that my limiting belief that I'm not good enough to have it all has been holding me back for most of my life. It also helped me reprogram my subconscious beliefs.

All these changes didn't happen overnight. It required work and commitment. But trust me, it is so worth it. Plus, Mindvalley's system makes it easier to create new habits and implement a new routine in your life.

I Shared My Very Personal Experience With Mindvalley Here

How Much Does Mindvalley Cost?

How Much is Mindvalley Membership?

Mindvalley offers two membership plans. The annual subscription costs $499 per year (or $41,60 per month), and the monthly subscription costs $99 per month. Both include unlimited access to over 100 quests, monthly live coaching calls with Mindvalley's authors, official certifications for your quests, and a 22-minute assessment quiz to help you determine the areas in your life to focus on. You also get access to Mindvalley Live, Meditations, Mentoring, and Private Social Network.

Some of you might be wondering "Why is Mindvalley so expensive?". I have to admit, at first I also thought that the price was a bit high. However, after trying Mindvalley I now see that it is actually very reasonable considering that individual Mindvalley courses used to cost between $199 and $499 each (recently, Mindvalley stopped selling individual courses), meaning that Mindvalley members save more than $12,000. And if you think about it, it's only around $9 per course or $1.35 per day. I believe that investing in yourself is the most profitable investment. It helps you grow and build the life you have always dreamed of. Dedicating a whole year to personal development is one of the best things you do can for yourself. And I can't tell you how excited I am to be on this journey!

After you join Mindvalley, you have 15 days to decide whether you like the platform or not. If for any reason, you don't feel it's the right fit for you, Mindvalley will refund your money.

There are no free Mindvalley courses, but there are on-going masterclasses you can join for free.

Mindvalley Pricing Review

How Much Does Mindvalley's Individual Course Cost?

Individual Quests used to cost between $199 and $499 each, but since Mindvalley Membership offers a much better value for the money, the company stopped selling individual courses. Mindvalley also offers a 7-day free Quest "The 6 Phase Meditation with Vishen Lakhiani" and over 25 free masterclasses.

How Much Does Mindvalley A-Fest Cost?

Mindvalley A-Fests are prestigious and exclusive events. First, you must apply to be a Mindvalley Global Campus Member. If you are approved (usually within a week), you must secure your membership by paying a cost of $995 a year. Once you pay the membership cost, you will be able to purchase an A-Fest ticket for $3,495+. The sooner members buy tickets, the less expensive they are. This price includes the cost of the event as well as four lunches, one dinner, and an open bar, but not the plane ticket, ground transfers, or accommodations. Most A-Fest attendees are entrepreneurs, artists, thought leaders, doctors, writers, speakers, professional athletes, and Hollywood actors.

Global Campus Members will be invited to A-Fest every year, as long as their membership remains active, without having to reapply. They will also receive Mindvalley Quest Membership for free and discounted access to Mindvalley Live and Mindvalley University. Global Campus Members are treated as VIPs, permitted to attend private dinners and gatherings with Vishen and, given priority seating.

Cost of Mindvalley University

Mindvalley University is only open to Mindvalley Membership students or Global Campus Members, so the subscription fee will have to be paid first. The ticket price starts at $1,299 for adults. Teenagers or kids can receive tickets at a slightly discounted price of $1,099. Kids under seven years old can attend for free. The ticket price does not include the costs of accommodation, meals, or travel.

In 2024, Mindvalley University will take place in Tallinn, Estonia on July 1-21.

Mindvalley Discount

Update: Right now, Mindvalley doesn't offer any discount on Membership. There is usually a Black Friday in November and sometimes the company offers another discount throughout the year. I always post an update here when that happens.

We created a page that explains the Mindvalley membership discount in detail (what is included, etc.) and more information about the Free Trial and Refund Policy. Be sure to check it out.

Mindvalley Coaching Certification Review

Mindvalley Coaching Certification is one of the best ways to start a career in coaching. With Mindvalley, you can choose from five different coaching programs, each designed to provide you with the skills and support needed to become an effective coach. Each program works on a set schedule on a set-up date, allowing you to work through the certification process on your own time. Once you have completed the certification process, you will receive a certificate from Mindvalley that will show potential employers or clients that you are officially certified as a Mindvalley Coach. Additionally, all students get access to virtual classrooms that enable them to coach up to 100 people at once, making it easier than ever to reach more people while still maintaining personalized service. Students also get access to Evercoach, an online platform dedicated to helping coaches succeed in their profession.

Price: $2,299, or $399 a month for 7 months, with an initial deposit of $200 for the qualification application.

  • Mindvalley Certified Life Coach 1,528+ students enrolled February 2023 next intake

  • Mindvalley Certified Business Coach 898+ students enrolled April 2023 next intake

  • Mindvalley Certified Holobody Coach 1,029+ students enrolled August 2023 next intake

  • Mindvalley Certified 10X Fitness Coach 782+ students enrolled January 2023 next intake

  • Mindvalley Certified Hypnotherapist (I am definitely taking this one next time) 700 + students enrolled November 2023 next intake

Mindvalley Coaching Certification is a great opportunity for aspiring coaches to gain access to Mindvalley's extensive client base (you will be listed in it). It provides lifetime support, one-on-one sessions with experienced counselors, and opportunities for meet-ups in your city. You will also have the chance to attend monthly virtual meet-ups with other coaches from around the world. With this certification, you can hone your skills, build relationships and expand your network, all while becoming a certified life coach. With Mindvalley Coaching Certification, you can reach more clients and help them achieve their goals quickly and easily.

Even though I haven't tried Mindvalley Coaching Certification myself, I think it's a really great opportunity, and I plan to enroll in the future.

Mindvalley Alternatives

When looking for alternatives to Mindvalley, two of the most popular options are Udemy and Skillshare. Even though I use both of them, I think that the quality of the content on these platforms cannot be compared to that of Mindvalley because at least because they are not focused on self-development (they do offer a wide range of classes and resources related to self-improvement but it's not the same). In addition to these platforms, another good alternative is to read self-improvement books by Mindvalley trainers or other best-selling authors in the niche. Doing so would give you direct access to their knowledge and wisdom without having to pay any subscription fees. Many different books can help you gain insight into topics such as health, wealth, relationships, spiritual growth, and more. So if you are looking for an affordable way to learn from some of the best minds in personal development, then reading those books is certainly an option worth considering. However, even though reading books can be really helpful, I still believe that you won't get the same results as you would by taking Mindvalley Quests.

Is Mindvalley Worth It In 2024?

Every course I took on Mindvalley has contributed to my personal transformation and has changed my life in one way or another. So for me, the answer is yes, Mindvalley is totally worth it. However, I know that Mindvalley is not for everyone. But if you are open to change and want to unlock your full potential and improve your life, then Mindvalley might be a good fit for you.

Just a few minutes a day can make all the difference. With Mindvalley you will learn the skills you need to thrive in the world and within a short period of time become a better version of yourself. Let's be honest here, we all have areas in life that need improvement. So ask yourself now: are you ready to change your habits, actions, and thinking, and take your life to the next level?

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The Truth About Mindvalley

Given Mindvalley's unique approach to learning, it is no surprise that there are a lot of misconceptions about the platform. I've written a whole article debunking Mindvalley myths and sharing my personal experience and tips. Here is a quick overview:

  • The skills that you learn on Mindvalley are very useful in life. You cannot learn how to sing or become a copywriter there (if you want to learn more "practical" skills, there are plenty of platforms for that, too. My favorite one is Skillshare), but the things that you learn from Mindvalley Quests can help you improve all areas of your life.

  • You cannot learn these skills just by reading about them. It requires both internal and external work.

  • Mindvalley is not a cult but rather a community (and a really great one!) of like-minded people.

  • Mindvalley offers a 15-day money guarantee on its membership and the refund process is very simple.

  • Mindvalley is not very cheap but it is worth every penny.

  • Live Calls is an awesome feature that allows you to connect with other people on the platform.

  • It's better to take 1-2 courses at a time. Otherwise, you may get overwhelmed with all the information.

Does Mindvalley Have An App?

Mindvalley's app, available on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store, has become an integral part of my daily routine, and I suspect it could be for many of you too. For starters, it's not just another app; it's a gateway to transformative learning. Early morning sessions with my wife have become a cherished ritual, thanks to this app.

The user interface is a breeze. Picking up where you left off is seamless, making it effortless to stay on track with your learning journey. Mindvalley has designed its app thoughtfully, ensuring a smooth and intuitive user experience.

Mindvalley App Review IMHO Reviews

In your learning dashboard, you'll find everything lined up for your day - ongoing Quests, upcoming ones, and daily meditation options. It's like having a personal coach guiding you through your day's learning. Plus, it smartly recommends new quests based on your interests, keeping your learning experience fresh and aligned with your goals.

In the programs tab, you can continue your current courses or explore new ones under 'Discover'. The 'Coming Soon' section teases upcoming learning adventures. For those who love live events, the recordings and additional resources under 'Series' are invaluable.

I love that Mindvalley app isn’t just about learning; it's a holistic tool. The meditation and sound options are perfect for those power nap boosts or setting a calming atmosphere. The 'Connect' feature is where you dive into the community, sharing experiences and engaging in discussions - it's like having a learning family at your fingertips.

The app also reminds you to learn at specific times, aiding in developing a consistent learning habit. This feature is especially beneficial for those trying to incorporate learning into a busy schedule.

Learning on the go without opening a laptop is a major plus for me. The app allows you to revisit lessons and reinforce key points, ensuring a deeper understanding and retention of information.

However, no app is perfect. The inability to pre-download lessons for offline learning is a miss, especially for those venturing into no-internet zones. Also, a background play feature would add significant value, allowing for multitasking while learning.

As you can see, Mindvalley app is more than just a digital tool; it's an essential companion in your journey of personal growth. It’s convenient, efficient, and enriches the learning experience, making it accessible anytime, anywhere. Sure, there’s room for improvement, but even as it stands, it’s a powerful asset for anyone serious about personal development.

Mindvalley FAQ

Is Mindvalley Reputable?

Mindvalley stands out as a reputable company in the self-improvement domain, backed by its global presence and a robust team of employees. The collaboration with renowned authors and celebrities further cements its credibility. While individual experiences with Mindvalley may vary, the company's commitment to addressing and resolving customer issues is commendable. Their active engagement on platforms like Trustpilot, BBB, and Google Reviews demonstrates a dedication to maintaining a positive reputation and ensuring customer satisfaction, whether through resolving issues or providing refunds. This approach underlines Mindvalley's standing as a trustworthy player in the personal development field.

How Do I Cancel Mindvalley Subscription?

To cancel Mindvalley's subscription, visit the billing section of your account and click “Cancel Subscription” under the subheading “Status.” You will still be able to access the content through the end of your subscription period.

Are Mindvalley Courses Free?

There are several Mindvalley Masterclasses that are free for a limited time, with a new free masterclass released every week. There is also one free Mindvalley Quest.

Mindvalley Masterclasses are free videos that are 60 to 90 minutes of instruction from Mindvalley teachers. They also come with a downloadable workbook. Once you have found a Masterclass you are interested in, you can click “Reserve my spot now.” When you sign up for a Masterclass, you will receive an email that has information for the webinar. The email will have a button that will enable you to add the class to your calendar, and it will have a link to the page where the video will be available at a certain time and day. You will not be able to rewind or fast forward, so you will have to be present for the class at that exact time that is specified. However, the video can be paused if you need to take a bathroom break. If you miss a class, you will be emailed a link within 24 hours so that you can replay it.

Is Mindvalley App Free?

Mindvalley app is free to download but has in-app purchases. However, certain memberships contain full free access to the app, such as Mindvalley Mentoring. The Mindvalley app allows you to find Mindvalley events in your city and on Zoom as well as other students in your area.

Mindvalley app was recently updated. It now features live events and meditations. I really like the app, because all the material is stored in one place and it's easy to find everything I need.

Is Mindvalley Reputable and Legitimate?

Because Mindvalley has become a well-known and well-established platform since its creation in 2002 and has grown to include worldwide events, you can be confident that Mindvalley is not fake or a con. One of the telltale signs of a scam is a short history and a low number of social media followers; however, Mindvalley has a reputable history of 19 years and a large following on social media, with almost 2 million followers on YouTube, more than 4 million followers on Facebook, more than 56,000 followers on LinkedIn and 1.4 million followers on Instagram.

Does Mindvalley Offer Certificates?

Mindvalley has recently started offering certificates of completion for many of its programs. However, these certificates do not certify you as a practitioner, they just show that you have completed the course.

To receive the certificate, you need to successfully pass an assessment test after you finish the program (it will be available in the "Last lesson"). Mindvalley will verify how much you have learned before granting the certificate. You need to get a score of at least 80% to pass the test. However, you have unlimited attempts to retake the test within the two weeks of assessment time (which starts as soon as the course ends). The certificates are not free.

What Is Mindvalley 10x?

10x is an exclusive 12-week fitness program created by Lorenzo Delano and Ronan Diego de Oliveira. It is an efficient, time-effective workout regimen that can transform your health and body in just 15 minutes of exercising, twice a week.

10x is designed for people of different ages, genders, fitness levels, and lifestyles. All exercises can be performed at the gym or at home.

The program focuses on building lean muscle mass, cardiovascular fitness, fat-burning, and anti-aging. 10x covers not only fitness but also nutrition and sleep.

Best And Most Popular Courses On Mindvalley

Best Mindvalley Courses for Body Health and Wellness and How They Affected Me !

It's hard for me to choose the best Mindvalley quest because I think it all depends on what you want to learn. But here is the list of the quests I enjoyed the most:

  1. Superbrain by Jim Kwik

  2. Conscious Parenting Mastery by Dr. Shefali Tsabary

  3. Mastering Authentic Networking by Keith Ferrazzi

  4. The Quest for Personal Mastery by Dr. Srikumar Rao

  5. The Habit of Ferocity by Steven Kotler

  6. "Hero. Genius. Legend." by Robin Sharma

  7. The Silva Ultramind System by Vishen Lakhiani

  8. Duality by Jeffrey Allen

  9. The Longevity Blueprint by Ben Greenfield

  10. Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance by Marisa Peer

  11. Lifebook Online By Jon And Missy Butcher

  12. Smarter, Not Harder by Dave Asprey

  13. The Art of Manifesting by Regan Hillyer

  14. Money EQ: Ken Honda Author Of Happy Money

Recent Mindvalley Quests That I Took

5 Elements of Happiness Quest By Tal Ben-Shahar

Magical Living Quest By Tim Storey

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